• 12.50

    Unit 6.25

    Parking Slots for Sale/Lease. Your Car will be Safely Parked and the Slots Easy to Enter via Elevators
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  • scandic-unit-44.90a

    Unit 29.09

    Cozy Units for Compact Living. Good Design Gives an Airy Impression
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  • scandic-unit-30.79a

    Unit 30.79

    Your Own Space. Cozy & Very Personal
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  • scandic-unit-35.50

    Unit 35.50

    A Perfect Fit To Your Lifestyle
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  • 42.69

    Unit 42.69

    Manage your space the way you like it. This spacious unit can be upgraded to include a second bedroom or nursery or perhaps, a cozy family room or workspace. You can also have this unit fully furnished with all the tasteful amenities and comforts of home.
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  • 44.90

    Unit 44.90

    That’s why we put a high priority on your satisfaction. We pride ourselves in offering you several flexible options to fit your needs. You can add an extra bedroom or a family entertainment place to your unit or perhaps you’ll allow us to fully furnish your unit with fine furniture and décor. Then all you need to do is just walk in and start living.
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  • 129.18

    Unit 129.18

    Office Space for Sale/Lease. Fiber Optic Ready. Doing Business has Never Been This Fast and Convenient
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